Day one:

- class routine, Course Information sheet, personal profile


what is media art

- computer navigation terms


Mon, Feb 2nd 

- Design project one: looking at the elements and principles of design

- E's and P's Research - first you need to understand what each of the elements and principles of design are so you can then incorporate this understanding into your first design challenge

After you have correctly identified each element and principle and understand them (completed the E's P's Research sheet) you can start looking for the images you need to complete the design project. You can look on flickr (easy to identify the photographer) or find what you can on various search engines - making sure to record the sources for each image you use.

Tues - Fri, Feb 6th

- begin project by looking for images needed to make your PHOTO GRIDS

- learn how to CROP and use the SHAPE SELECTION tools in photoshop

Mon - finish up PHOTO GRIDS

Tues - Quick Selections Tool, Colour enhancement and transformation tools Lesson


Wed & Thurs -  work periods for Creature Creations - try the different tools we looked at including this new technique:

 Layer Masking in Photoshop Elements 8

* why use a layer mask instead of just erasing parts of an image once placed on another image to reveal the layer below??? well because the only way to undo this is to go into your undo history. A layer mask allows you to make edits, but go back and forth between adding and subtracting areas without actually making any real edits to the photo. This is called "non-destructive editing."

video tutorial 1       video tutorial 2   another example (different version of photoshop but gives you the idea) video tutorial 3

Each video shows a slightly different way of doing the same thing, try whichever makes sense to you. The best way to learn is by trying... ask your neighbours or me for help if you need it.

Activity: Try to use the layer mask by getting 2 images from the internet. One image with some sort of texture, and one just a picture of a person.

Friday - cake auction

Tues - continue work on "Creature Creations" - finish up - try to use a layer mask in photoshop if you haven't yet

Wed -  begin new Digital Art Assignment - PART ONE

Gr. 11 assignment guidelines        Gr. 12 assignment guidelines


If you have completed the research for part one of this assignment you can begin DIGITAL COLLAGE ASSIGNMENT PART 2

Monday & Tuesday

Researching for Part 2 of the assignment: Which Social Justice Issue are you interested in?

Wed  & Thurs Feb 25th, and 26th 

-work period (continued research/ finish up and find images for your collage) YOU need to find several images related to your theme

Friday - sketch out a layout of the plan for your collage on a piece of paper (considering the principles of design - does not matter what the images look like - not an extremely well drawn plan, just a sketch of the plan)

- use the images you have found to begin putting things together in photoshop

Monday, March 2nd - Collage Work Period - Quick review of how to create a LAYER MASK

DIGITAL COLLAGE ASSIGNMENT ASM3O (the whole project - includes PART 3)

DIGITAL COLLAGE ASSIGNMENT ASM4M (the whole project - includes PART 3)

March 2nd to 13th - work periods for collage & research assignment - Collage will be due the week we return from march break.

march break

Monday, March 23rd & 24th - Use Corel Draw to import our collages and add the appropriate text (credit for images used, and your name, and a title if necessary - does it enhance your piece?)

Collage project is due.

Wed, March 25th - Introducing INTERACTIVE MEDIA PROJECT - the Makey Makey

Creators of the Makey Makey from MIT wanted to give everyone in the world a chance to be inventors, now it is your turn!    WATCH the story here.  


Thurs, March 26 - OSSLT - no class

Fri, March 27th

1) Complete your Digital Collage Assignment - final day to complete

2) Do your: Makey Makey Research   **save into a new folder called "MAKEYMAKEY PROJECT"

3) next week on monday bring in supplies you need to start building your makey makey. (including laptops for those who have them, and phones for filming the process)

Mon, Mar 30th

- complete makey makey Research - and brainstorming 

Tues, Mar 31

- take a look at Camera Angles   (refresher from last year)

- begin building/ experimenting with Makey Makey to create your idea - video the process

Wed, April 1

- work period - MAKEY MAKEY - finish up brainstorming/ research 

- continue building your project components

Thurs April 2

- SOCDOC festival -Opportunity to participate:  info here

- work period - MAKEY MAKEY - continue building your project

Tues, April 7 -Thurs April 9th

- work on Makey makey project (finish up building your project - the controllers)

- be sure to have a creative name for your interactive art project - make a sign with the name

- Continue to get video footage of your project in the making

Fri April 10th

- Makey Makey projects are set up for interaction to happen * in front foyer and in the class

video the people using your project

Mon April 13th

- finish the Interactive art project - answer the reflection question

- be sure you have completed the research and brainstorming page for marking

- edit your video footage to create a short video that shows the process of your project in the making and then some people using it after you have completed it. * if you need more footage do that first

Tues April 14th, 15th

 ASM3O  Creative Video Project

ASM4M Independent Study Proposal Project

Thurs & Fri April 16th

ASM3O - Storyboarding and writing lyrics- begin filming

ASM4M some media artists and inspiration to look at:

- - check out the #mindbombs link

- time lapse drawing videos:

- time lapse animation drawings by artist William Kentridge: video 1  video2 his process

- stop motion - Post it notes video

- stop motion - Sweet Dreams  by award winning artist: Kirsten Lepore

Mon, April 20th - 23rd - fri- PD day

Brianna feedback - videos to check out - stop-mo paper 1                2               3          4     my fave 5

Wyatt Feedback - videos to check out - drawing in progress     #2      #3 (consider time you have and scale of drawing)   #4 (consider breaking it up into quadrants- as far as photographing it goes)  #5 (what about adding colour?)     a dragon one

- continue working on PSA, PARODY OR PROMO film project - getting video footage today and tomorrow last day (edit on Wed and THurs)

Mon, April 27th   -ASM4M gr. 12's in the art room - (Wyatt, Brianna, and Dan) 

Wyatt will be able to access the i-pad and tripod he needs to work on his (on my desk) - ask him to plug the i-pad back in after he is finished using it. *please ensure this equipment is put on my desk and the i-pad plugged in just behind my desk at the end of the period.

Brianna is working on creating a storyboard plan for her first proposed work and then starting to make her characters - she can use any of the paper at the back of the art room and there are scissors out as well. If she would like - there is cardboard along the side of the classroom in a box which she can use to make her set if she wants.

Dan is also working on planning his stop motion animation through drawing up a storyboard - This is what he should be working on first. Tell him to finish this before starting to make the set which I assume he will need to create for the characters he talked about using are figures he already has (and doesn’t need to make). 

GR. 11's (ASM3O) - finish editing video if not complete

- Begin working on STOP MOTION ANIMATION project - introduction


Tues, April 28th


*make sure to finish the Research/ Brainstorming first - then begin writing script/ storyboard (as outlined in Project Outline)

Tips to remember when creating a Stop Mo- Animation

Timeline for this project:

April 27-May 1 - brainstorm/research, write script, create storyboard, build sets & characters/ props

May 4-5 - finish building sets/ props

May 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 & 12 - I-pads booked for shooting (900 plus photos)

Wed- another few stop mo's to look at here

May 13 Movie Poster Assignment (3 days to complete) - read over - begin doing research - show teacher finished research then you can go into art room to take pictures of your characters/ set to use for your poster

Jamie and Adam I saved the pics you took Tues in a folder in each of  your H drive's

May 18 - Victoria Day Holiday

Tues, May 19-20th - finish shooting stop motion video - i-Pads in the art room

gr. 12 first project (independent proposal) extended due date - May 19th - begin your second proposed project.

Thurs, May 21-22 - upload Stop Mo pics in sequence to Youtube - convert to MP4 - Edit in Premiere            Sounds/ record voice over - using Garageband or sound recorder on computer.

**** YOUTUBE - MP4  (from stop motion app - youtube upload) then convert:

1) convert:



Alex and Mathilda -

Bailey, Chase and Kaitlyn -

Ezra and David -

allan -

Austin & Zack-

Josh & Liam -


Wyatt -

Austin and Zack -


Stop Motion Animation Projects DUE: May 25th   - watch each others movies - critiques and reflections

Tues, May 26th- 

What is a GIF?

The Graphics Interchange Format (better known by its acronym GIF /ˈdʒɪf/ or /ˈɡɪf/) is a bitmap image format that was introduced by CompuServe in 1987 and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability. IT supports both animated and static images.  - wikipedia

some examples:

GIF 1- gondola  

GIF 2- objects and text


Storyboard template


Jim Mezei GIFs

Kellen Hatanaka GIF  and another

how to create an animated gif using Photoshop elements


USING PHOTOS   and another

Drawing GIFs   one example    William Kentridge example2      a longer video example of a drawing in photoshop

Creating and Animating a Character in Photoshop OR Animating text in photoshop


June 1 - Finish working on your GIF - due by end of class Tuesday, June 2nd (tomorrow)

Gr. 12's - finish your 2nd proposed media art work - due at the end of todays class

* WYATT - URL link for project 2: 

Begin  creating a WIX website. WIX:   -WIX website set-up tips

Website Design- make one page and highlight tips about how to effectively design a website and apply these skills to the design of this page. Content for the page should be: HOW TO DESIGN A WEBSITE - come up with at least 10 tips for good website design and include them with some images of examples of great web page designs. (provide source information).

 June 2 - Begin Culminating tasks: ASM3O Culminating Project      ASM4M Culminating Project

Website Portfolio design & one more Media Art piece

my WIX website example:



ASM4M -    Brianna's site   Dan's site

ASM3O - Mathilda's site    Alaina's site   Rachel's site   Alex's site   Bailey's site    Chase's site