Day one:  


Class routine: Getting by with Mrs. Mezei

Course Information sheet: Gr. 11    Gr. 12

Course Content: Gr. 11     Gr. 12

Media Art Materials Fee

Student profiles - I'd like to get to know you!

- What is Media Art?


ASM4M -    Brianna's site   Dan's site

ASM3O - Mathilda's site    Alaina's site   Rachel's site   Alex's site   Bailey's site    Chase's site

- computer navigation terms worksheet

- a bit about me - 

We live in a highly visual world and that means you can observe art related content all the time. As a growing artist a good habit to get into is to constantly be looking at various forms of art. By doing this you are fuelling your inspiration tank and expanding your visual and creative capacity. I like to do this by checking out contemporary professional artists on INSTAGRAM that interest me. I would recommend you pick up this habit! A few well respected art magazines and paint feed I would suggest to follow include; hifructosemag, juxtapozmag and paintguide.


DAY 2 - Wed, Sept. 7th

Design project one: looking at the elements and principles of design

E's and P's Research - first you need to understand what each of the elements and principles of design are so you can then incorporate this understanding into your first design challenge

Elements of Design  - take a look to learn or refresh your memory about each of the elements - fill in the blanks on your Elements and Principles sheet.

Look for the definition of each principle online to help you match the principles definitions on the sheet. We will take them up together to make sure everyone has the correct information.

After you have correctly identified each element and principle and understand them (completed the E's P's Research sheet) you can start looking for the images you need to complete the design project. You can look on flickr (easy to identify the photographer) or find what you can on various search engines - making sure to record the sources for each image you use.

- begin project by looking for images needed to make your PHOTO GRIDS

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.58.28 PM.png

Day 3  & 4- Thursday, September 8th -9th

Assembly for first 20 mins of class

Find the definitions for Principles of design - we will review

Collect a bunch of images for the 5 elements you have chosen to focus on - save to 5 folders you have created in your h drive space.

Monday, Sept. 12th

If you have taken media art before and have completed this project in the past you have the choice to only do 2 grids and try this new project: Geometric Forms: Combining Elements and Principles which will help increase the variety of work in your portfolio.

Form Example.jpg

Tuesday, Sept. 13th & Wed. Sept. 14th

- Lesson for how to use the eyedropper tool and clone tool

- work period for project 1 (photo grid and geometric form)

Thurs, Sept. 15

Work on finishing up photogrids and geometric form layouts. Once you have completed your works please take some time to review the definitions of the elements and principles we did at the start of the project. Answer the following questions:

  Now submit your finished projects in a google doc - add each grid and geometric form as a jpeg. 

Put a title at the top with your course code and the project you did: eg. ASM3O - PhotoGrids

ASM4O- Geometric Form & Photo Grids


Write a few sentences about your favourite of the 5  or  2 grids. What do you like most about it? What tools did you use to create your grids? and how?

Which of your grids is most effective? Explain how this grid demonstrates the principle of design you were focusing on.*** refer to the handout on elements and principles to help you


Which of your geometric form compositions is most effective? Explain how this grid demonstrates the principle of design you were focusing on.*** refer to the handout on elements and principles to help you

*take a look at 3 other peoples work in the class. Ask one other person to send you a grid or geometric form they created (JPEG) - include this  in your google doc and write a couple sentences explaining which element and principle they used and how.

SHARE your google doc with me;   

*if you finish early you can take a look at the next project: "CREATURE CREATIONS"

Friday, Sept. 16th

Review information above to ensure you have submitted everything correctly for your first assignment. *If you need help resizing your images to include them in the document, please ask!

Creature Creations Assignment

Photoshop tools: The quick selection tool, enhance/ adjust colour tools

 Creature creation student examples by: Alaina Eldridge  & Jamie Devitt

Creature creation student examples by: Alaina Eldridge  & Jamie Devitt

 Student examples by: Bailey Costick & Darryl Couchman

Student examples by: Bailey Costick & Darryl Couchman

Monday, Sept 19th

Introduce alternate project Album Re-design

For this project make sure to record in a google document the sources for each image you use. (copy the URL) and or the artist/ photographer responsible. Do this while you are saving images.

Choose to begin one of the two projects; "Creature Creations" or "Album Re-Design"

Open the project sheet for the project of your choice and follow the directions closely.

Tues - Thurs. Sept 20th - 22nd

- Work periods for Creature Creation or Album Re-design project

Remembrance Day Video plan


Weekly Inspiration - check out Graphicdesignblg  on instagram.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.49.46 PM.png

Mon. Sept. 26th

work period for Creature Creation or Album Redesign project:   DUE DATE: Friday, Sept 30th

Tues. Sept. 27th

In the Gr. 11 course: Digital Collage Assignment part 1

Gr. 12's: Digital Collage Assignment part 1     OR   Google Doodle Assignment part 1

- check out some of these google doodle animations    example 1         example 2           example 3

Wed. Sept. 28th

How to Critique a work of art?   an example on Julian Pacaud's work

It is important to look at art with a critical eye and consider the following things:

Description - what do you see when you look at the work - details of the content.

Analyze - what elements and principles of design did the artist consider

Interpretation-  the message - what do you think the artist is trying to say?

Judgement- do you like this work or dislike it?

Thurs - Terry Fox Run!

Fri, Sept. 30th    *make sure your creature creation and album redesign project is handed in (your final and the album you re-designed (all layouts)  OR your creature creation (all versions)

ASM3O - By now the research for part one of this assignment should be finished so you can begin DIGITAL COLLAGE ASSIGNMENT PART 2

Researching for Part 2 of the assignment: Which Social Justice Issue are you interested in? Choose one and begin learning about it by collecting information online.



- check out the different types of google doodles here



youtube video for remembrance day filming: video

another video option          on repeat

Monday, Oct.4- 5th

continue working on digital collage and google doodle assignments

-- check out the different types of google doodles here

- research and brainstorming

- print a hard copy of this part of the assignment if that is helpful for you, or refer to the assignment sheet attached above

Wednesday, Oct. 6th

Non-Destructive Editing in photoshop - Layer Masking

 Layer Masking in Photoshop Elements 8

* why use a layer mask instead of just erasing parts of an image once placed on another image to reveal the layer below??? well because the only way to undo this is to go into your undo history. A layer mask allows you to make edits, but go back and forth between adding and subtracting areas without actually making any real edits to the photo. This is called "non-destructive editing."

video tutorial 1    another example (different version of photoshop but gives you the idea) video tutorial

The best way to learn is by trying... ask your neighbours or me for help if you need it.

Activity: Try to use the layer mask by getting 2 images from the internet. One image with some sort of texture, and one just a picture of a person.

- try this technique

Work on building your collage based on your social justice issue - today, friday and Tues 

Google Doodle - time to create in photoshop - today, friday and tues

Friday, Oct. 7th

*everyone remember to save the website link for each image you are using into your google doc. 

Project timeline: 

Digital Collage Project- parts 1 and 2 (research and collage #1 due Tues 11th end of period) - we will discuss the next day in class 

Google Doodle Project - parts 1 and 2 (research and google doodle due Tues 11th end of period) - class discussion Wed. next week about each one

All three parts for each project are due Monday, Oct. 17th end of period

Gr. 11 Digital Collage Part 3 (all parts)

Gr. 12 Digital Collage Part 3 (all parts)

Gr. 12 Google Doodle Part 3 (all parts)

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 12.27.02 AM.png

Animated Google Doodles 

example 1      example 2   example 3    example4   example 5

Tues, Oct. 11th

work period - Art with a Message - Digital Collages & Google Doodles

Wed. Oct. 12th, Thurs & Friday - work periods

Class critique - (group feedback) look at the collages and discuss changes to be made

Same with Google doodles


Monday, oct. 17th - work period - collages - completing second collage - 

google doodles - animating

Tuesday Oct. 18th - Digital Collages and Google Doodles due - Reflection - questions are part of the final projects linked below:

Gr. 11 Digital Collage Part 3 (all parts)

Gr. 12 Digital Collage Part 3 (all parts)

Gr. 12 Google Doodle Part 3 (all parts)

Wed Oct. 19th

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 9.26.14 PM.png

  Introducing an interactive media assignment - the  MAKEY MAKEY PROJECT!

Creators of the Makey Makey from MIT media lab wanted to give everyone in the world a chance to be inventors, now it is your turn!    WATCH the story here.  

check out this: MakeyMakey video gallery

First step - RESEARCH - find out some of the ways people are using the makey makey to help you start thinking like a creative inventor - which projects do find most exciting?!

Mon. Oct. 24

- Research- Makey Makey - show Mrs. Mezei when finished

- determine who you are working with or if you are working alone

-  begin constructing the visual aspects of this project.

- a list of supplies if you require materials to make your idea work

Tues. Oct 25-28

work periods- building your creative control to create your interactive installation using the MAKEY MAKEY

Mon. Oct. 31

- get the makey makey devices and try them with the variety of conductive materials provided

- continue working on building your controls

MONDAY, Nov 7th

- really great work on the makey makey project guys, our maker space was impressive and you all did well!!!!

Please read these instructions carefully. Use your time efficiently.


Reflection questions: (add to your Makey Makey research and save it as a google doc and share it with me)

1)What media art skills have you used to do the various aspects of this project and what profession might you be able to use them in? Explain. (eg. of skills: planning, organizing, explaining to participants, creating a visual display etc.)

2) How do your artistic choices with respect to your makeymakey topic/ project idea reflect your identity? What does your project focus say about you as an artist/ person? (there were a lot of different possibilities to choose from, so what does your topic say about you?)

*upload any video footage you took during the Makey Makey display of your project being used by other people _ SAVE it to a folder in your drive space called Makey Makey

Once you have completed your Makey Makey research and shared it with me its time to take a look at our next project:

 ASM3O  Creative Video Project  - GRADE 11'S- 2 week project due: Friday, Nov. 18th

1)Choose one of the options for the creative video project and begin doing the research/ answering the questions related to this project.

take a look at a couple of past student examples by clicking on the following links:

example one by Mathilda          example two by Alex and Zack


ASM4M Independent Study Proposal Project     GRADE 12's  DUE: Friday Nov. 11th. 

1)You will finish your proposal for your independent study project this week. Use today and some of tomorrow to choose a theme and the 2 types of media you wish to work in. Write your proposal (typed in a google doc titled; "yourname's Independent Study Proposal"

2) Once you have finished your proposal begin doing the research - you have this week and Monday of next week to finish this so you can start next week working on the 2 projects you have proposed to do for your independent study.

3) you can look at an example here   of a student's work on 2 projects she proposed and created for this independent project. She chose to do a digital collage piece and a stop motion animation.

*after this week there are 6 weeks of school before the holiday break so you have 3 weeks to do each of your projects or you could divide it 2 weeks (A digital collage) for one and 4 for the other (stop motion animation or installation- using makey makey)   - IN the final week before christmas there will be a BONUS project- if you do this as well you can increase your mark and overall media art skills. 


Thursday, Nov. 10th


Grade 12's some inspiration-

Stop Motion Animation and GIF examples:   - check out various videos she has done

- stop motion with food, paperpcuts

Some Creative Film examples -

My absolute fave: KIRSTEN LEPORE -       Move Mountain

Allison Shulnik     and Northwestern's own Kenny Edwards   (documentary linked)  also film trailer

The Importance of Sound and sequencing:

ways to change a film's genre - through music and re-contextualizing scenes from the movie by playing them in a new order to suit the new genre choice. eg. 1 Superbad as a thriller

the Shining as a Romantic Comedy


Friday, Nov 11th

GR. 11's - creative video project: - take a look at Camera Angles   (refresher from last year)

PLANNING - Storyboard template

GR. 12's  - working on Proposals - due today, hand in a hard copy

- continue working on Research

some more media artists and inspiration to look at:

- - check out the #mindbombs link

- time lapse drawing videos:

- time lapse animation drawings by artist William Kentridge: video 1  video2 his process

- stop motion - Post it notes video

- stop motion - Sweet Dreams  by award winning artist: Kirsten Lepore

Mon. Nov. 14th

gr. 11's - look at Camera Angles - movements

work on finishing up Storyboard - show Mrs. Mezei - begin filming


gr. 12's - look at revised proposals - make appropriate changes and finish working on research 

*you may choose to take one more day to complete research and begin working on the first project on Wednesday. 


Wednesday, Nov 16th-18th

gr. 12's- please work on finishing up your research for the independent study project *SHARE THIS GOOGLE DOC titled " INDEPENDENT STUDY PROPOSAL/RESEARCH" with me - jennifer.mezei

- if you are done you may begin working on the first of your two proposed projects (some may need to go to the art room to do so)

gr. 11's - please work on completing your storyboard/ plan for filming - if you have not filmed yet you will begin tomorrow

*if you are done your filming you may import it into the program ADOBE PREMIERE - purple icon on your desktop and follow these instructions: to import your videos

*if you complete this you can watch this film for the rest of the period: BEFORE THE FLOOD

MON, NOV 21st- 22nd

Gr. 11's - work on Creative Video project- once done editing in Premiere, load it, and save it on a jump drive

GR. 12's (ASM4M) - work periods for Independent Study project #1

TUESday, Nov 22 - 24

GR. 12's (ASM4M) - work periods for Independent Study project #1

GR. 11's (ASM3O) - finish editing video if not complete

- Begin working on STOP MOTION ANIMATION project - introduction



*make sure to finish the Research/ Brainstorming first - then begin writing script/ storyboard (as outlined in Project Outline)

Tips to remember when creating a Stop Mo- Animation

Timeline for this project:

Nov. 23- Dec. 1st - brainstorm/research, write script, create storyboard, build sets & characters/ props

Dec. 5-6th finish building sets/ props

Dec. 7-21/22 - I-pads booked for shooting (900 plus photos)

Friday, NOv 25th

gr. 12's - work period project 1

What is Stop Motion Animation?

lets take a look at a couple stop motion animations:

Bottle - by Kirsten Lepore

Hobo Clown - by Alison Schulnik

Mon. Nov 28th-29th

gr. 12's work period project 1 - due this thurs or next friday (3 or 4 week project)

gr. 11's - working on Stop Motion Research, then writing a story (with characters, set description and a series of events that happen to the characters)

Wed. NOV 30TH -Dec 1st 

gr. 12's - work periods project 1 (Independent Study)

gr. 11's - work on making a Storyboard for their STop Motion animations - based on the story they created - considering a variety of camera angles.

Mon. Dec 5th

gr. 12's - work period project 1 - Due this week  (consider your plan for your next project and use your time accordingly) - project 2 is due Dec. 22nd

gr. 11's -  work on making a Storyboard for their Stop Motion animations - based on the story they created - considering a variety of camera angles. - start to build your sets in the art room

Dec 6-9th

gr. 12s - working on independent projects

gr. 11s - set and character design creation

Dec. 12- 16th

gr. 12s - working on independent projects

gr. 11s - set and character design creation and taking initial pictures- 12 frames/ second

Dec. 19-23

gr. 12s - finish up independent projects and submit to Mrs. Mezei

gr. 11's - finish taking photos, upload, import to Adobe Premiere - add credits, music and text where necessary - share with Mrs. Mezei

Jan. 9th

Introduce the Culminating tasks for both grades

Gr. 11 Part 1 Culminating                    Gr. 12 Part 1 Culminating


ASM4M -    Brianna's site   Dan's site

ASM3O - Mathilda's site    Alaina's site   Rachel's site   Alex's site   Bailey's site    Chase's site


How to make a WIX WEBSITE    - another how to video

Jan 11-13th - working on culminating projects - WEBSITE focus

gr. 12's - 2nd part of the culminating task - your final media art piece;

Gr. 12 CULMINATING PROJECT (the whole thing)

Jan. Friday the 13th

gr. 11's- look at the second part of the culminating project - your final media art piece; 

Gr. 11 CULMINATING PROJECT (the whole thing)

There are  links to previous students completed culminating projects including their final media art works that you should take a look at.    

Eg.      The graphic designer - check out Dan Strange’s website

             The film-maker - check out Mathilda Colins’ website

            The animator - check out Alaina and Rachael’s GIFs on their websites

ASM4M -    Brianna's site   Dan's site

ASM3O - Mathilda's site    Alaina's site   Rachel's site   Alex's site   Bailey's site    Chase's site




jim mezei's GIFS -