Creators of the Makey Makey from MIT media lab wanted to give everyone in the world a chance to be inventors, now it is your turn!    WATCH the story here.  

check out this: MakeyMakey video gallery

Maker spaces - example: music room

First step - RESEARCH  (worksheet provided) find out some of the ways people are using the makey makey to help you start thinking like a creative inventor - which projects do you find most exciting?!

Check some of these out to get you started:

Food, pets and liquid to make music:

use balloons:'

musical makeys:

INFO ABOUT THE MAKEY MAKEY - - go to the website to answer these questions

Take a look at:


- determine who you are working with or if you are working alone

-  begin constructing the visual aspects of this project.

- a list of supplies if you require materials to make your idea work

- get the makey makey devices and try them with the variety of conductive materials provided

- continue working on building your controls and a sign with a creative name for your MAKEY MAKEY invention


TIME TO PLAY - go around and try everyones MAKEY MAKEY creation out in our newly made maker space. have fun!