welcome to grade 9 art

This course is exploratory in nature, offering an overview of visual arts as a foundation for further study. Students will become familiar with the elements and principles of design and the expressive qualities of various materials by using a range of media, processes, techniques, and styles. Students will use the creative and critical analysis processes and will interpret art within a personal, contemporary, and historical context.





how to get by with Ms. Mezei

Wednesday, Sept. 3

- What are the elements and principles of design?

- e's p's handout 1        - handout 2   -example          - Design Cube assignment

due date for Design Cube Assignment = Tuesday, September 9th

Thursday, Sept. 4

- Design cube assignment - explain connection of elements and principles

- finish up their elements exercise (2 images cut from magazines for each) - if you don't get to write the definitions today you can finish tomorrow

- start planning your cube design

*if time profiles

Friday, Sept. 5

- work period - design cube - due date end of class: Tues, Sept. 9th

Mon, sept 8th

- work period - design cube

Tues, Sept 9th

- introduction to Sketchbook assignments & work period to finish design cube, or work on first sketchbook assignment

Wed, Sept 10th - one point perspective

 One Point Perspective Lesson

- work on the 2 worksheets provided, put them in your sketchbook when done

- if finished both you can add details to the room drawing (more objects)

Thurs, Sept 11 - Contour Drawing Fun

Contour drawing, Blind contour & continuous contour

Contour Line Lesson - Prezi (here is the info)

the video below shows how to make blind contour


Friday, Sept 12 - Drawing 

This video is a continuous contour of the face


Activity: You are going to use the continuous contour method we learned yesterday to draw your partner. It is not a blind contour so you can look up and down as you draw their face.

Texture exercise for Sketchbooks

Monday, Sept 15

2 point perspective: video 1  video 2

One point perspective is great if you happen to be looking directly at the front of something, but what if your subject is turned to the side? Then you need two point perspective.

In 2 point perspective there are 2 vanishing points on the horizon line. Every line except vertical lines will converge onto one of the two vanishing points.

 in your sketchbooks try to create a drawing using the rules of 2 point perspective; eg. could be one building (like the barn on the left side above or could be several in a cityscape like the image on the right)

in your sketchbooks try to create a drawing using the rules of 2 point perspective; eg. could be one building (like the barn on the left side above or could be several in a cityscape like the image on the right)

Tuesday, Sept 16

VALUE is the lightness or darkness of tones or colors. White is the lightest value; black is the darkest. The value halfway between these extremes is called middle gray.

activity 1: A Tonal Bar

activity 2: Drawing a Sphere and shading it

activity 3: stipple shading to create form    

activity 4: Abstract circle with broken sections - coloured with a variety of pencil crayons considering the range of value you can create with one colour in each section.

Thursday, Sept 18 & Friday, Sept 19


elements of design in focus: Line, texture, colour

- create enlarged composition of hands, shoes OR face using contour lines

Mon, Sept 22 

- watercolour lesson - learn some cool watercolour techniques: soap bubbles, saran marks, rubbing alcohol spray, straw blown drips, crayon resist, & salt.

- do 2 colour tests on a small version of your composition to see which 3 colours will be featured in your piece. (can be any 3 colours) but only 3 to create a sense of unity as different things will be happening in each space.

** finish enlarging your drawings & time to work on SB assignments if finished all of the above.

Tues, Sept 23-25th

-work periods for Contour drawing watercolour assignment

Mon, Sept 29

- Sketchbook work period

Tues, Sept 30

What is art criticism?  why do we need to know how to talk about art?

-how to critique example : DESCRIBE, ANALYZE, INTERPRET & JUDGE

- pairs critique and present your findings

Wed, Oct 1

Exquisite Corpse Lesson - in groups of 3 

watch a how to video    check out some examples

- draw in pencil. then the finished drawing (after 2 people have added to the middle and bottom sections) can be inked with marker by the first person who started the drawing. This creates unity between each of the sections. Also add some texture - lines, dots, fur, patterns, etc. Lastly, add colours!

- what is the profile for your creation: 


Favourite food, who are its friends? where does it live? What is its favourite thing to do Favourite place to visit? How many creatures are in its family? Does it have a pet, what type of creature is the pet?

Oct 2-3

Finish Contour Line Project

Mon, Oct 6

 collage Ex Corpses - groups of 3 - need 18-20 objects/ body parts/ plants, consider adding  a background to one of the areas you will collage (find large pieces of pattern interesting landscape/ background)

- try different arrangements, don't go with the first one you try

Intro to Clay unit - what is sculpture?

Tues, Oct 7-10

- work on Clay assignment #1 - a coil pot

Tues, Oct 14

Intro Clay assignment #2 - Creature Cup or Creature Sculpture 

- your choice, Bas Relief or Sculpture in the Round

Wed, Oct 15-17th

- work periods to finish sculpting creature cup, creature sculpture or Bas Relief panel

Mon, Oct 20th

- last work period for sculpting

- if finished begin brainstorming for Remembrance Day Posters in Sketchbooks

Mon, Oct 27th - 31st

- painting/ glazing clay pieces

- Sketchbook Development: Matisse Collages and Dictionary Page sketches

- Begin Art History Glogster poster

Mon, Nov  3- 6

- continue working on Art History Glogster poster

-working on remembrance day posters

Mon, Nov 10th

- finish up Art History Glogster Posters

Tues, Nov 11th

- Begin Painting unit - Colour wheel

WEd, Nov 12th

- computer lab - start a digital art portrait

Thurs Nov 13

- continue painting- colour wheel

- Tints and Shades

Friday Nov 14

- continue working on Digital Portrait

Monday, Nov 17th

- Finish working on Digital Portraits

Wed, Nov 19th

-Painting Unit:  working on Tint's and Shades

Thurs Nov 20th-21st

- Painting techniques

-monochromatic sphere

Monday, Nov 24th

Begin- Monochromatic Project

- start with brainstorming - what ideas can you come up with for subject matter to paint? 

-print and begin to draw - using the grid technique 

December - Printmaking   - Lino printing and stencil/ screen printing

January 5th - Start culminating tasks

AVI1O culminating task - 2 options (2d painting, drawing or mixed media art work OR clay sculpture)