"I love the way I see the world differently since I started drawing. I like seeing how everything relates to everything else.

– Gay Kraeger

“Having people watch while I [draw] would be a bit of a buzz kill. Don’t tread on my Zen, man.”

– Butch Belair

“I do it for fun; it makes me happy. I do it because I need it.”
– Simonetta Capecchi

“I want to transform those blank pages into a book filled with rich visual or literary information.”
– Robert Crumb

“I can feel freer and not be concerned that every drawing has to be perfect. I like the unpretentiousness of it.”
– Mattias Adolfsson

“My sketchbook serve me as a place to draw anytime, anywhere. They help me stay free and, at the same time, help me get connected to the world around me in a deeper way.”
– Rick Beerhorst

“I started keeping a journal when I was eight years old. It started off as a “dear diary,” and I even recorded what the weather was like that day and what I ate. It morphed over the years to paint blobs and a gathering of thoughts – less conventional and more free.”
– Penelope Dullaghan

“I don’t think of sketchbooks as sacred…. They are rought materials. And in that is where I find beauty.”
“My notebook is with me always, always always. It is an extension of my mind. … I let my mind wander and pay attention to where it goes. This is, in art, how I practice creativity.”
– Paul Madonna

"My journals give me a pressure-free place to play around."
– Amanda Kavanagh

"Sketchbooks should be the one place without rules."
– Marilyn Patrizio