What is Stop Motion Animation?

Stop motion (also known as stop frame) is an animation technique used to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. Dolls with movable joints or clay figures are often used in stop motion for their ease of repositioning. Stop motion animation using plasticine is called clay animation or "clay-mation". Not all stop motion requires figures or models; many stop motion films can involve using humans, household appliances and other things for comedic effect.


1) simple claymation - creation of a character and his dog   &           Dancey Dance by Kirsten Lepore

2) Lego stop motion - Shark Attack

show student examples: Britney's   Julia and Dove's  Jake's   Larissa's

* create a character profile, make a story board (after looking at the sets), shoot a series of pictures in sequence for each scene you have planned for your mini film. 


*Don't bump/ move the camera (use an I-Pad stand to keep it motionless)

*Have consistent lightening (if you move around while taking the pictures be aware of how you may be changing the light- keep movement to a minimum)

*Don't bump objects or move the set (with the exception of parts you may animate intentionally)

*Shoot each scene in sequence

*Be sure nothing in your back ground shot is moving

*Shoot many frames for each scene. More is better to limit choppy motion = smoothness from frame to frame


3) Upload to Youtube channel

4) if time watch some more great stop motion videos:

Kirsten Lepore's:  "Bottle"   "Move Mountain"

Alison Shulnik's: Hobo Clown - amazing what she does with the plasticine

Post it Stop MO video

top 10 movies made using stop motion animation


LINKS TO STUDENT VIDEOS created on Friday February 27th:

Morning group

Julia and Nikki - The Gym Surprise

Katie - Cellphone Luke

Livia - Old Man Ghost

Jocelyn and Maggie - The Teleporting Bear and the Decapitated Man

Thomas - Guy being built

Cameron - Jerome is Life

Aaron, Alex and Gavin - Lambanana

Afternoon group

Vanessa & Brianne - Rainbow

Keegan - Joe's Dream

Marissa and Elizabeth - The Skaters

Emerson, R.J., Joey - Hide & Seek - Parachute Kitty

Joy - Giant Bolder

Xander - Octopus

Ariana - Wolf Adventure

Kathryn - The Skydiver